Apply To Conduct Research On L-A-D Foundation Land

Since foundation lands are permanently held for public benefit they are ideal for short and long-term research. In addition to the thousands of acres of oak/pine/hickory on Pioneer Forest, there are a hundred or more caves, dozens of glades, fens, bluffs, vernal pools, streams, springs, sinkholes, old-growth stands and many other natural features located on the variety of foundation properties. Foundation property also includes Grand Gulf State Park, thirteen miles of the Ozark Trail, several historic sites such as Dillard Mill State Historic Site and places of archaeological interest.Pioneer Forests Dan Skaggs

The Foundation is interested in encouraging any of various scientific studies on its properties. Over the years there have been numerous research projects including:

  • Archaeology: studies of indigenous petroglyphs and artifacts
  • Botany: plants of fens, glades, and sinkhole ponds
  • Ecology: plant and animal communities of various ecosystems
  • Forestry: hardwood and pine regeneration, dendrology
  • Geology: limestone and sandstone stratigraphy, cave and spring formation
  • History: forest history, surveys of water turbine-powered mills
  • Soils and Mineralogy: surveys of soils, pH and mineral variation based on tree rings
  • Ornithology: forest bird response to silvicultural treatments
  • Parks and Recreation: Trails, rivers, and recreation areas
  • Speleology: cave biotic communities, cave and spring formation
  • Zoology: black bear, bat population surveys

Photo courtesy of Denise Vaughn

Most of this research can be found in our library in Salem. We also have an extensive annotated listing of each of more than 160 works we have collected covering foundation lands.

Research Application